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Hi Future Mechatronics Engineer! Are you ready to face industry 4.0 era? Get your international degree by joining SGU’s Mechatronics Engineering program.

Featured Testimonials

Albertus Nagaputra Rumawas


In Mechatronics we are taught to thinkcomprehensive  from electrical, mechanical and programming sides. How mechanical  is prepared for supporting electrical, how electrical is prepared for supporting programming, and programming is prepared for supporting mechanical. This is very useful especially when I did my projects in SGU, further in my recent work.

Harsyadi Adhiarsa


I experienced great assistance and guidance from my former lecturers. They gave me not only hat is inside the textbooks, but also insights into engineering and automation as a whole. SGU also provides us with non-academic activities for students to grow and socialize, while expanding their networks within the campus.

Dean Febrius Chanjaya


Joining SGU’s internship program in Germany is one of the best choice that I have made in my life. The benefit is not only to get Double Degree, there are also many lessons that are useful for self development, such as discipline, hard work, learn to be independent. Internship program improved my knowledge and also made me a better person

Calvin Joseph


Studying in Mechatronics Department gave me a special experience. Supported by qualified teaching staff and complete laboratory equipment, this faculty prepare me to be ready to face the orld of work after graduate. Mechatronics also encouraged me to improve my abilities by attending various of Mechatronics competitions. On this competition, I can get to know real cases in the industrial world, especially in the field of Mechatronics. It’s not about winning or losing in those competition, but it’s about gaining experience and building connection, doesn’t matter whether it’s a win or lose .


  • Physics lab.
  • Electrical engineering lab.
  • Pneumatic lab.
  • Automation lab.
  • Control lab.
  • Mechanical.
  • Electrical workshops.

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